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"...that these dead shall not have died in vain..."

- Abraham Lincoln - 19 Nov. 1863

Welcome to the Civil War Heritage Ring Homepage!

This web ring is designed to promote all aspects of Civil War Heritage from source to re-enactment to enthusiast, any page that promotes the preservation and celebration of our Civil War Heritage is encouraged to join.

Most of the rings currently available to Civil War related sites are rather content specific. Some are mainly Southern, others for re-enactors. This ring is a place for all of us to come together, a place where the wayward internet traveler can experience all of the many facets that make up our Civil War Heritage.

The only major restriction to joining this ring is that the site not promote any contemporary form of racial intolerance. Aside from that: anything goes. I understand that many of you are just beginning your web building and that most of you have other interests as well. When you submit a site for entry into the ring, I will go through it and let you know as soon as possible if your site will be added. If your site has broken links or many spelling or gramatical errors, I will suggest that you repair those before entry to the ring. I also request that you place the ring and make the entry point to your page in the area in which your Civil War related material exists, should your page contain various topics.

If you are thinking about joining a ring, do it! My personal site is a mix of many topics and through the web rings I had joined for other subjects, I had over 7 million hits in less than a year. Exposure for my web site was directly related to belonging to web rings. If you want your views and your particular interests in Civil War Heritage to be noticed, then joining a ring is the way to go.

How to Join

Joining is very simple. Just fill out the submission form and send it to me. I'll check out your site and email you when I make a decision. If everything checks out, I'll email the ring code to you and all you have to do is cut and paste it onto your page, download the ring graphics and then upload them to your server. Once I see that you have done that, I'll add your site to the ring. That's all there is to it.

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