Pennsylvania Masonic Restoration

About the Pennsylvania Masonic Restoration

The Pennsylvania Masonic Restoration is a movement initiated and sustained by Pennsylvania Freemasons who believe in the oaths they took to preserve and maintain our Masonic customs, ritual, landmarks and usages. We believe that Pennsylvania Freemasonry is unique in the world and represents hundreds of years of tradition and the hard work of millions of Freemasons. It should be preserved and passed down to future generations of Freemasons as well preserved and maintained as it was for us.

To that end, we seek the restoration of our Masonic heritage. The future of Pennsylvania Freemasonry rests in our lodges. It is up to the members themselves to take the initiative and restore our lodges and fraternity to its full glory. Certainly it would help if Grand Lodge worked to the same purpose in each administration, but whether the winds from Grand Lodge blow one direction with one administration and the opposite way with the next has little real effect on the lodge. A strong lodge can withstand a little bad policy and a weak lodge will eventually collapse no matter how many edicts Grand Lodge issues.

This effort seeks to restore our traditions and customs. That means more than maintaining ritual. It also means a departure from doing the same things we have been doing for half a century. Our downward slide in membership has gone hand in hand with a downward slide in the quality of our Craft. Freemasonry grew into a great institution by challenging the minds and hearts of men. Its ritual was just the beginning of a journey that sought to make good men better. Without the challenge within our lodges, the ritual loses its meaning and lodge lacks purpose. A lodge is more than a reading of the minutes of the last session and then a rush to the snacks. It is a place to grow as men through thought-provoking programs, debate and true fellowship.

Our unique Pennsylvania ritual, customs and traditions are a major part of the experience. In them can be found great meaning and the foundation of our Craft. We grew into a wonderful fraternity with them and it is not their, but rather our failure to live up to them that is behind the decades of decline. Stop and listen to the charges and the path they recommend. The vision they inspire is what we want our lodges to be and what they can be if we strive. Our ritual and customs are not holding us back and they never have. They point the way. Our success or failure rests on whether we follow their direction or not.

We seek to restore Pennsylvania Freemasonry. Through this site, we hope to provide ideas and inspiration to help you restore your own lodge. Each lodge is different and no single set of ideas will work exactly the same for all. These ideas and thoughts are tools to help you build your own unique program for your lodge. Restoring Pennsylvania Freemasonry will not be easy nor will it happen overnight. It will be a challenge for each of us in every lodge. If we truly seek to make ourselves into better men, surely we are capable of making our lodges into better versions of themselves. A lodge that strives is a lodge that thrives.

If you would like to support our efforts or if you have specific questions you would like help with, please contact us using the form below and someone will be in touch with you. Just as our lodge membership rosters are not public information, the membership of those in support of this initiative is also confidential. Only the name of the webmaster of this site is published in compliance with domain registration and copyright regulations.

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