Pennsylvania Masonic Restoration


Our Masonic journey should not end when we take a seat after receiving the third degree, but for far too many Brothers it does. It is easy to blame them for some failure to engage. It is harder, but more on target, to focus on what we failed to do. Freemasonry is a fraternity, not a solitary pursuit. It is as important to engage new members as it is to initiate them into the Craft. read more...
A meeting without a program is for many little more than an exercise in trying to stay awake through the reading of minutes and communications. A meeting with a program is an opportunity to engage the membership and build interest in the lodge. A variety of programs that explore topics of interest and spark discussion and debate can motivate members to attend. read more...
Renaissance Response
In order for the Grand Master to be duly informed of the opinions of the Freemasons of Pennsylvania regarding the changes he has made to Pennsylvania Freemasonry, it is necessary for you to take action to see him duly informed.

Every Mason is encouraged to write to the Grand Master and express in his own words his opinions on these changes. You can write to the Grand Master at:
Brother Thomas. K. Sturgeon
Right Worshipful Grand Master
Masonic Temple
One North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2598

Pennsylvania Masonic Restoration also provides the following resources to aid you in making sure the Grand Master is duly informed of your views:

Petition to Restore Pennsylvania Freemasonry (to be used by individuals)

Resolution to Restore Pennsylvania Freemasonry (to be used by Lodges)

Brochure to print and hand out to your Brothers (double-sided trifold)